How to Select Best Smoke Detectors

Everyone should know the importance of having properly functioning smoke detectors installed in their homes. For safety's sake, you should have some sort of smoke detector in every room of your house. While that seems simple enough, many people simply buy whatever cheap smoke detector is available at their local hardware store.

Ionization smoke detectors work using an internal electrical current. These are the older models of smoke detectors.

Photoelectric smoke detectors emit tiny internal light beams. When purchasing a standard smoke detector, photoelectric detectors are your best choice.

Thermal or heat detectors are designed to sense a rapid increase in temperature, which would indicate a fire. They will not alarm at the mere presence of smoke.

You should put photoelectric detectors in all bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, etc. that do not normally have smoke in them. In rooms such as a kitchen, family rooms that have fireplaces, or garages where exhaust is emitted, you should place heat detectors. All of these detectors should be connected to a monitored home security system, if you have one.